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Love Horoscope offers exclusive reports on Love Astrology. What will my Life Partner be Like is an intuitive report to find out the physical & psychological aspects of your love partner / spouse. Love Transit Report gives you the lucky periods to make your love moves. 2016 Marriage Horoscope predicts your marriage & love prospects in New Year.

Career Horoscope offers some fascinating Career Readings. Check out Career Analysis reading to know where your career is headed. Career Transit reading tells you the lucky periods to make those career moves. 2016 Career Horoscope details out your Career Fortune in New Year.

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Love Transit Analysis

You can succeed in love, relationship and marriage if you plan your moves and steps according to the planets movements. Love Transit Reading is a potent formula to see happy times in your personal life.

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Detailed Horoscope Predictions, Gemstone Analysis & Saturn Reading

This is another gem from Indianastrology2000 world class Vedic experts. Your detailed horoscope predictions complemented with Saturn Reading and lucky Gemstone recommendations can be ordered to get key insights on your future.   

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Privilege Membership of Indianastrology2000

Dear Patrons, we have special Privilege Membership Packages for you. Being a Privilege Member is as good as having a family astrologer, who not just keeps track of your fortunes but also gives you much personalised astrology services and consultation. Big savings in cost is added benefit!


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Consultation Services

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Phone Call Consultation - Feeling troubled, book a phone consultation now!

Web Chat Consultation -  Web Chat session with Pt. Onkar Nath

Urgent Questions - Urgent questions answered on priority

Specific Matters Consultation - Specific questions answered by renowned astrologers!

Career Web Chat -  Web Chat with Pt. Onkar Nath to remove Career Obstacles.

Saturn retrogrades & brings major changes in life now!

Saturn Retrogression begins from 25th March. Saturn is a very power planet especially when it is retrograding and can create life altering events in your life in the next 5 months. This would be the time to avoid making any changes in life like starting a new project, buying a new property or a shift of residence etc...

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Daily, Monthly & Annual Horoscope

Daily Horoscope  Read today's horoscope based on your Moon Sign

Monthly Horoscope  February Forecast based on your Moon Sign is available now!

2016 Horoscope  Annual Horoscope by Pt. Onkar Nath is available as per your Moon Sign.